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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bar #58: Kat Klub

6920 W North Ave
10:30pm, Wednesday, December 11
Price of Old Style: $3.25 bottles (not on tap)

So after an insanely long hiatus, Wednesday night found my brother and I together taking in the Q87.7 concert at the Allstate Arena.  We were there to see Queens of the Stone Age and QOTSA only, so leaving before the final band gave us a little wiggle room (with our wives).  "They don't expect us home later" turned into "let's try to knock out another Old Style Bar that is out of the way".  The only problem was it was -2 degrees out...who the hell is gonna be out in this weather?

Our first trip was to Heeney's on the 8200 block of west Irving lights on..."for sale" sign on the building...looks like another "RIP Old Style Bar".  Good thing I had a backup, and that place was the Kat Klub.  The only bar left in Galewood and around since 1980, the Kat Klub is the an oasis of a place right before you get to Oak Park, or if you are going east, heading into the chaos which is the North Austin neighborhood.  As we walked in, there were two regulars and a lone bartender, who turned and probably thought "who are these idiots coming here in this weather?"  We ordered our Old Styles, munched on some peanuts and immediately noticed their amazing Old Style Sign light on the back mirror.

Before we had finished our beers, we were deep in a "what have you had stolen while you've lived in Chicago" conversation with the bartender and regulars...shockingly nobody mentioned "priceless jewels", or "my BMW".  We have both had bikes stolen in Chicago...I guess that is a rite of passage, but luckily nothing else...  I really wish I could have stolen that Old Style sign, but maybe I should get back in touch with that Old Style rep.  Or maybe when we finally finish the Project, Pabst Brewing Company (who own Old Style and pretty much every other cheap beer your grandpa drank) will hook us up.  Gotta have goals!