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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bar #1: ????????

10:00pm Wednesday, May 18
Address: 3423 W. Montrose
Price of Old Style: $3.oo Miller Lite bottle

It didn't take long for the first "What am I thinking?" moment during the Project. We walk up to a bar on Montrose & Bernard in the Albany Park neighborhood, with this sign on the door:

Hmm...anyone need a bartending job and fluent in Spanish? Actually, we needed to speak Spanish to just order at the bar. The young bartender had no idea what an Old Style was (um, check the sign over the door)! So, the first bar of the Project and no Old Style...awesome. We ordered Miller Lites and she gave us the bottles, caps on, and reminded us that they were twist offs. Thanks.

The bar wasn't a total loss--in 20 minutes, we saw a guy break a huge beer mug, realized they have a functioning pay phone, and heard some great music. Thanks to Shazaam, here is what was played on the jukebox while we were there:

"Cuestion Olvidada" by Los Tigres Del Norte

One last note, after much research, I found out that this place had its liquor license renewed last year, and has been operating under the name Caden's Irish House for over a decade. Irish House? Yup. Welcome to the Project everyone, and enjoy the ride...

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