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Friday, June 3, 2011

Bar #5: Fuller's Pub II

11:30pm Wednesday, June 1
3203 W. Irving Park Rd.
Price of Old Style: $2.50 a bottle (baseball bat bottle)

This place wasn't part of the schedule, but when only one of three bars work out, you need to salvage the evening somehow. We did get our first Old Style sign that was out back. Not sure if we salvaged anything at this place, though.

The bartender was a man in his 50's, and not very talkative. To the left of us, a couple splitting a bucket of Old Style's (nice!) -- seriously, on a Wednesday night? Was it a date? Were they married? Just seemed odd... To the right of us were two middle aged women, not talking and watching Leno, which was on ALL the TV's. When the bartender wasn't serving anyone, which was 99% of the time, he took a seat at the bar to watch TV as well.

We took some time to document some of the decorations on the wall:

Where is Maguire University, you ask? I had no idea, so I looked it up... The story behind this "school" is 100,000x more exciting than the bar its pennant was hanging in.

Thank God they had some dart boards...real darts at that. My brother and I got the darts and had an EPIC match, with me pulling out the victory, and giving a shout out to someone who recently passed on.

So, all in all, pretty lame bar. But, if they didn't have the TV's on the late night talk shows, I would have missed this (which apparently was a rerun).

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