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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bar #55: K's Dugout

1930 W. Foster Ave.
8:00pm, Thursday, March 14
Price of Old Style: $3.00 / bottle

K’s Dugout is a solid neighborhood bar in Chicago’s Bowmanville neighborhood. Bowmanville?  Yes, there is such a place...located just west of Andersonville, it’s borders are Foster to the South, Ravenswood to the East, Western to the west, and Bryn Mawr to the north.  The bar is situated about a block down from Amundsen High School, where I hear it’s a popular after school hang out for some of the teachers (CPS life is tough!)

It was quite busy for a Thursday evening, but K's sponsors a number of sports teams, does weekly trivia, has a decent pool table, pinball, and even Ms. Pac Man! There was also a Hawks game on when we were there, so it was a good mix of young people and regulars. Even with the crowd, we were able to get two seats at the bar, where we were greeted by the bartender, Patty. "First time here, guys? Thanks for coming in!" I was impressed...she was working her butt off behind the bar but still knew we weren't regulars, and didn't make us feel bad about it, either. We were able to chat with her a little bit later, and she said the bar is usually pretty crowded...they usually have something going on every night of the week. No wonder why she had a constant smile on her's nice to work somewhere where everyone is always having a good time - I know we sure did.
Even though we were rookies in the Dugout, we felt like we had been a part of the team for a very long time.

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