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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bar #48: Goofy's Hock Shop

4369 N. Elston Ave.
10:00pm, Thursday, March 29
Price of Old Style: $2.00 bottles

Goofy's is another decent neighborhood bar, with nothing too exciting about it.  The owner's nickname is Goofy, and there is a lot of Disney memoribilia strewn about the bar...  The bartender was kind of a tough guy, so we didn't feel comfortable taking pictures.  One beer, and OUT!

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  1. What's up gentleman? I came across your site after my friends and I were talking about growing up in the city and I brought up the Old Style signs... I did a google search and ended up here... I enjoyed reading the article with you guys on DNAInfo and also enjoyed browsing through this site... After reading about your connection connection to Old Style with your Grandpa and the Cubs, I thought it would be fun to share my connection to the Old Style signs with a different perspective.

    I am a 34 year old born/bred/fed/dead Chicagoan on the far north and northwest side. I come from a non-drinking religious/cultural background... I have never stepped inside one of these Old Style bars, nor have I ever drank Old Style beer. Nonetheless I remember, even before learning how to read, seeing these signs all over the city. I remember wondering to myself, "Is this a restaurant and that's how their signs look? Like McDonalds has the arches? Or may be it's a store? Kind of like Venture had with the black and white stripes?"

    Well this bar Goofy's Hock Shop in particular I remember seeing since way back when... as my family and I lived by Montrose and Sacramento and our religous center is directly across the street... I still go to this center and happen to always park in front of the bar... I always see that Old Style sign and it always gives me a bit of nostalgia. Cheers!