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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bar #49: Moe's Tavern (formerly Relax Lounge)

2937 N. Milwaukee Ave.
10:30pm, Thursday, March 29
Price of Old Style: $3.50 bottles

I used to drive past Relax lounge all the time when I lived in Logan Square, but it seemed like a shady dive bar, so I never went in.  Now that I have been doing this blog, I was excited to finally get to Relax,  but alas, it closed and now Moe's Tavern is in it's place.  Doh!

Nothing unique about this place - it's obviously a ripoff of Moe's from "The Simpson's", down to the Simpson art on the awning and windows.  They don't have Duff beer (actually a decent selection of craft beers), but you can order a Flaming Moe!

The interior is really seems like an office in a strip mall that was converted into a bar.  This couldn't have been how Relax was...Moe's was just very BORING and too clean--it had no character.  Christ, it had CARPET!  There was a cute bartender, but that couldn't help Moe's, as there were only 3 other people in the bar.

So, after doing some appears that Moe's was served with a cease-and-desist order from Twentieth Century Fox for copyright infringement.  It appears they haven't taken it too seriously, as some "minor" changes were made to the mural on the wall.  A great bar gets it character from it's bartenders, customers, and overall atmosphere.  Moe's has a long way to go, as the only character it has is in the form of a 20 year-old cartoon.



  1. Actually back in the Relax days, the atmosphere was pretty sterile as well and bright to the point that it was annoying. It was an odd mix of gang bangers, hipsters, and Ray's (former owner) friends. Sketchy? Maybe back when the bars were still on the windows and the door had a buzzer system. There were far sketchier Polish bars in the area.

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