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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bar #20: Western Tap

2044 N. Western Ave.

9:30pm, Wednesday, July 13

Price of Old Style: $2.25 bottles

Western Tap had the same characteristics as the other two Old Style bars further south on Western Ave. – dive bar, Polish owned, mostly regulars – but this place had something the other two didn’t have: a wonderful bartender.

If you ever are in the area, stop in and say hi to Joe. Or his wife. Or his good friend. They all work at the bar. Western Tap has shown how the neighborhood has changed from Polish/Ukranian to Puerto Rican/Mexican – Joe is Latino, as were most of the customers in the bar, but the bar is still owned by a 83 year old Polish lady.

Joe was truly happy about his job, and opened up about his life and family. Things weren’t perfect, but he was optimistic and grateful for his job, friends and family. We also asked him about the history of the bar and how the clientele has changed, and he just looked at us and said, “this is a bar for EVERYONE! My job is to make sure that anyone who walks in this bar feels welcome and has a good time”.

Job well done, Joe.

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