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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bar #23: Loafer's

2600 W. Lawrence Ave.

11:30pm, Wednesday, July 27

Price of Old Style: None (again!) - $2 High Life cans

We got to Loafers right before the skies opened again with the third insane thunderstorm of the week. There was a decent crowd, and everyone was DRUNK. Because it was raining so hard out, people were literally standing at the door smoking and blowing their smoke out the door. Unfortunately, no Old Style! WTF? And no PBR! $2 cans of High Life somewhat made up for it, but seriously...

After getting our beers, we hear one girl tell another: “you smell nice…like perfume and SoCo… I like it…”

There was also a guy whose normal voice was like Vince Vaughn at the end of Swingers

We unwillingly met perfume/SoCo girl who proceeded to tell us that she was a huge Steelers fan, had meet all the Steelers players, went on two dates with Robbie Gould, had a 9 year old son, and worked at two other bars in the city… She also told us that they guy sitting on her other side wanted to date her, but that wasn’t going to happen. Who did she end up walking out of the bar with, yep…that guy!

At least she didn’t leave with the guy who spent the entire evening at the end of the bar watching “Murder, She Wrote”. He even had the remote! I guess he couldn’t get Lifetime Channel at home…

I’ll give Loafers credit…it is a good neighborhood bar, and with the characters that were hanging out there on a Wednesday night, I would have no problem going back for more. Now if they would take care of that Old Style problem…

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