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Friday, August 12, 2011

Bar #29: Grace St. Tap

3759 N. Western Ave.
8:00pm, Wednesday, August 10
Price of Old Style: $3.00 tall boys

The Grace St. Tap is another example of an Old Style Bar that was resurrected from the dead. A few years ago, this place was called Sally's Lounge and was pretty similar to the Sunnyside Tap right up the street: old bartenders, old clientele, serving up not much more than bad whiskey shots and cheap beer.

Sally's was bought out last year and changed to the Grace St. Tap. They didn't do much to the interior, but made some great new changes - mainly improving on the drink/beer list and having 7 nights of entertainment. Apparently Raunchy Bingo on Tuesdays is a big hit. They also have shots out of shot glasses made entirely of ice...does that mean you can whip the glass against the wall when you are done?

When we there there on Wednesday, they had a decent crowd and an guy playing acoustic guitar and singing covers...he wasn't bad. At least he had a loyal girlfriend there taking pictures... Chris the bartender took care of us, and also told us about their $5 PBR and a shot special...hmmm, I guess you can't drink Old Style all night. My brother was the lucky one who did the shot of Jameson...

We had to leave a little early to head to the next bar, but when we drove by later in the evening the place was packed...not bad for a Wednesday. Maybe these guys should buy Sunnyside Tap and revitalize another dying bar...they're doing a great job so far...

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