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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bar #15: Rose's Lounge

10:30pm, Wednesday, July 6

2656 N. Lincoln Ave.

Price of Old Style: $2.00 drafts

Rose’s Lounge should be called “Rose’s House” or “Rose’s Basement”. This is what a dive bar should look like. There were a bunch of couches in the front, creating quite the relaxing atmosphere. Ok, maybe this place should be called “Rose’s Lounge”. Couches everywhere. A pool table and old school jukebox, and behind the bar, a whole wall of kitschy things that could be in any Grandmother’s living room.

Rose is a very old and sweet lady. It took her a good two minutes to get up off her stool, shuffle over to the refrigerator to get 2 frosted mugs, and shuffle back to the taps to pour our Old Styles. You don’t go there for quick service. You many not even get what you ordered, but it’s Rose’s place and only Rose works there. I wouldn’t be surprised if people have done a few hours of drinking there, taken a nap on one of the couches, woke up, and drank for a few more hours. At $2 a draft beer, that sounds like a good, inexpensive day.

We didn’t get a chance to chat with Rose that much, but I hope she’s doing okay. She’s got quite a few loyal customers, and I feel that when her time comes, there will be sentiments similar to when Marie or “Marie’s Riptide Lounge” passed away earlier this year. I still think she’s got a few good years in her.

1 comment:

  1. One time Rose gave my wife a pretty flower for her hair.
    Then she insisted that I drink a strange Polish beer with an unpronounceable name.