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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bar #17: The Corner

12:30am, Thursday, July 6

2224 N. Leavitt St.

Price of Old Style: $2.25 pints

It was getting late, and we should have gone home for the evening, but we decided to fit in one more bar. The Corner is another deep-seeded neighborhood bar, on yes, a corner (Leavitt and Palmer to be exact).

We walk in and we hear Seth Rogan yell “What the f—k is up guys!”. Seriously, this guy sounded exactly like Mr. Rogan except 275 lbs and Hispanic. He was just as funny, too. “I’m bored…I hope this dude and his girlfriend get into a fight…” I guess he didn’t want to be working at midnight on a Wednesday. It was weird though, everyone else in the bar were couples. I guess The Corner is a good date place?

What really pushed him over the edge is when we ordered 3 bags of Jay’s BBQ chips, which were $0.30 each. “Why does the owner have these at $0.30 each!? It’s the only reason we have nickels and dimes in the register…dumbest thing EVER!”

We smiled, gave him a dollar, and told him to keep the change…

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