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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bar #16: Millie's Lounge

11:00pm, Wednesday, July 6

1817 W. Wellington Ave.

Price of Old Style: $3.00 bottles

Common characteristics of many Old Style Bars:

· “Off the beaten path” – basically you’d never know it existed unless you lived nearby

· Open at 7am

· Regulars out-number non-regulars

· Sinatra or country on the jukebox

· TV’s showing regular shows, not sports

· Average age of clientele – over 50, including the bartender

· Most popular drinks are cheap whiskey, Old Style, Hamms, PBR

· Allows dogs

· Old Style sign over the door (duh)

At one time, Millie’s probably had many of these characteristics, but got new management a few years ago. Unlike many Old Style bars that have closed or are barely hanging on, Millie’s changed with the times.

When we walked in, there was a group of four at the bar, probably in their late 20’s. The bartender was an attractive girl sporting some cool tats, and they had an amazing selection of craft beers—all at great prices. She was playing some good music too, right off the iPod...I'm pretty sure I heard The Ponys and some New Pornographers... We had a few beers, played some darts (steel tips), and chatted with the bartender. She told us that she also works at The Mutiny, and the reason they took down their Old Style sign was that it was in bad shape and they were afraid it would fall on someone walking out of the bar. I guess that is a good reason, but I wonder what they did with it? I bet it would look great in my basement...

Millie’s is a solid bar…and if I was in Roscoe Village I would definitely be a regular.

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