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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Liquor Stores of North Avenue

Wow - just take a drive east along North Avenue and you'll come across lots of Old Style signs, and some rapidly deteriorating neighborhoods...this one got interesting.

Crespo Finer Foods
2157 W. North Avenue

La Junquena Food & Liquors
2501 W. North Avenue

Latin Grocery & Liquor
3800 W. North Avenue

The TRIPLE!!!!

Cavito's Liquor & Food
3825 W. North Avenue

Red's Barber Shop
5005 W. North Avenue

What kind of barber shop is this? Do they sell beer too? Not sure I want to find out...

Lil Vegas Liquors
5118 W. North Avenue

Lim's Pantry
5820 W. North Avenue

I could not take pictures of the last two places...there were at least five people hanging outside each 7am. Were they gangbangers? No idea, but I don't think a white guy taking their picture would make them very happy. Thank you Google Maps...

H&H Cut Rate Liquors
5838 W. North Avenue

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